About Us


Children’s Therapy Center is a small, private occupational therapy clinic in Gilroy, CA. The clinic was started almost 30 years ago to provide services to children who experience a variety of diagnoses and dysfunctions. Working from a sensory integration, as well as a neuro-developmental frame of reference, CTC provides treatment for a broad range of child developmental challenges including: motor incoordination; sensory-motor dysfunction; behavioral dysfunction; ADHD; ADD; Cerebral Palsy; and, Autism Spectrum Disorders.

CTC works with the child to develop or enhance the processing of sensory information so that a stronger neurological foundation is available to the child for the development or refinement of gross and fine motor skills, cognition and academic learning, and social interactions. Our skilled therapists will provide kids and parents alike with a better understanding of these conditions and effective treatment strategies through the entire therapy process.

Clinical Director
Donna Jackson M.S.,O.T.R./L

Donna is the owner and Clinical Director of CTC. Donna received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from San Jose State University. While in the Master’s Program, she focused her research on the impact of subtle neurophysiological deficits on behavior. Donna has advanced certification, training, and coursework with Sensory Integration, Sensory Dysregulation, neurodevelopmental treatment, visual-motor and visual-perceptual dysfunction, vestibular rehabilitation, and cognitive rehabilitation. Donna also has advanced training in several of the Linda Mood-Bell programs.

Donna has been an adjunct professor in the San Jose State University Occupational Therapy Program, teaching introductory courses, as well as teaching the seminars and supervising the two pediatric community-based clinics. Professional experience also includes providing services to adults with neurological dysfunction and home health, incorporating her knowledge of neuro-sensory concepts and intervention into their treatment programs. She has also been a consultant for several community-based group homes for Developmentally Disabled adults.

Believing that all children have an inherent right to be able to “…achieve their fullest potential”, Donna has committed the work of the clinic to assist children in obtaining this goal. As part of that commitment, everyone who works at the clinic seeks ways to empower the parents of the children with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify and meet the needs of their children.